Oh how we love a Parade at Disney World. This Disney World Boo-To-You Parade mixes things up a bit, filling the streets with all of your favorite and many a little more fearsome, Disney Characters walking and dancing along. I would have to say that my favorite part, by far, would have to be the Headless Horseman riding around in the streets. If there was one thing added to the Mickey Mouse not so Scary Halloween Party that was maybe a little scary, it would have to be the Headless Horseman. Picture the Headless Horsemant riding on his, black as night, horse, holding a jack-o-lantern and peering in to the crowd as he rides through the streets. Whew, just thinking about seeing him gives me chills.

Parade Times

The Disney World Boo-To-You Parade runs 2 times each night of the Disney Halloween bash.
8:35pm and 11:15pm

Favorite Disney Characters and Villains

As the Disney World Boo-To-You Parade makes its way down the streets of the Magic Kingdom, you will see many of your favorite Characters. The Disney World Boo-To-You Parade starts off with the Fanciful, Fun and well-known characters your kids really want to see. These are the ones that are not scary like, Snow White and some of the Dwarfs, Winnie the Pooh and Friends and the most anticipated, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, to name a few. After this opening of happy, friendly characters, the more frightening groups come through. Nothing to be concerned about though, this is the not-so-scary parade after all. The Pirates are on deck with the next float including Jack Sparrow in the Crow’s Nest, Peter Pan and even Hook. A crowd favorite has to be the Haunted Mansion Group as the move through. The graveyard ghosts leading the procession are spooky indeed but the rhythm that they bring along with odd dancing and scraping of shovels make this a real family treat. There are many more Villains to come and the Disney World Boo-To-You Parade is sure to make a lasting impression on the little ones.

Best Location to Watch the Parade

There are a number of good places to watch the Disney World Boo-To-You Parade. Let’s take a look at the Parade route on a Google Disney Map and see:

Looking at this map, notice that the Parade starts in Frontierland and continues through the Magic Kingdom, ending near the entrance. Frontierland is a great place to view the Disney World Boo-To-You Parade and anywhere around the main hub in front of Cinderella’s Castle is fantastic. Main Street is a great option as well.