Seaworld Parks Orlando

Expect to get much more than you bargained for if you have decide to take on the Seaworld Parks Orlando on your next visit to Florida. Sure, you have been to Orlando many times to visit the Disney Orlando Fl Parks and maybe you have even done the Universal Orlando Parks but you have been holding off on visiting Seaworld Parks Orlando because you were just not sure if they would be as fun. Whether you are a huge animal lover or not, SeaWorld in Orlando will bring out so many emotions that you can’t help but love them. After your first visit, you will wonder why you did not visit sooner.

There are plenty of things to do at SeaWorld Orlando, even if you only do one of the parks. If you really want to reach out and take on a huge adventure, it might be worth a visit to all of the Seaworld Parks in Orlando. Seaworld is dedicated to the conservation and education about all of the animals that it shows off but they also do a great job of bringing family fun to the adventure as well.

2 Major Seaworld Parks in Orlando Florida

An appreciation of animals is a plus but taking your family to a different place, allowing them to be immersed in a park experience like no other is well worth the price of admission. Where else can you visit and have front row seat to the most incredible aquatic creatures in the world while they perform for you? The Shamu show by itself is worth admission but there is so much more to see from Pods of Dolphin to barking seals and don’t forget all of those adorable penguins. Expand your adventure and get up close and personal with some of these creatures when you take on a day at Discovery Cove Orlando Fl. This exploration is designed to give you a more intimate experience with all of the animals that you love.

The Start of Something Different

It is difficult to believe that the Seaworld Parks Orlando started their existence in 1973 with the opening of the Seaworld Amusement Park. The idea behind creating these parks was to give people a place to visit and share more than just the fun of going on rides. It was built to expand the understanding of these amazing aquatic animals and try to build awareness to protect them from harm. As the park continued to grow, in order to attract a broader range of visitors, the exhibits and shows have been expanded.

Did you know that some of the best thrill rides can be found at the Seaworld Park in Orlando? Two of the most favorite thrill rides would have to be Kraken, a floor-less roller coaster added in 2000 and the Manta which is a flying roller coaster added in 2009. There are also many other rides to check out while there but the main event at SeaWorld Parks Orlando would have to be the amazing shows that they put on daily at the park. Enjoy the massive killer whales in the Shamu Show or enjoy the frolicking fun of Sea Lion Show.

There is so much going on, it might take you a couple of visits to fit it all in. In addition to this main Theme Park if you really want to get up close with the different animals in the water kingdom, you might want to book a day to Discovery Cove Orlando Fl. For most people, this would be a once in a lifetime adventure where you get to have time with the dolphins up close and even have an opportunity to swim with them. Where else can you have this opportunity while learning about how to communicate with these magnificent creatures?

Other Seaworld Attractions

If you are looking for a way to get out of the hot sun for awhile, take the family over to the Aquatica Water Park Orlando Fl where you can have unique experiences that you will not find at any of the other Water Parks Orlando Fl. Take a plunge through a tank of Commerson’s Dolphins where you will slip through clear tubes, and if you are lucky, have a look at these dolphins that look like small Killer Whales. If you miss out because you are just going to fast, stop off at the tank viewing area where you can watch them swim around in there own special area while watching others shoot through the tubes.

If you love animals, any of the Seaworld Parks Orlando would be a great place to visit and take the family. It really depends on what you want to get out of the experience as to which parks you want to visit. I would recommend starting with SeaWorld and then spend a day at Aquatica. If money is not an issue and you want to have a more intimate encounter with the animals, take in the experience of Discovery Cove. Whatever you decide, you and your family will not be disappointed.