SeaWorld Aquatica Hours of Operation

Water Park Summer Hours
9 AM to 8 PM
Water Park Winter Hours
9 AM to 6 PM

* Park hours are subject to change without notice

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Things you should know about SeaWorld Aquatica Water Park

  • 59 Acres
  • Lazy River
  • 2 Wave Pools
  • Racing Slides
  • Family Slides
  • Speed Slides
  • Toddler Slides
  • Rapid River
  • Sandy Beach
  • Kiddie Play Area
  • Tween Play Area
  • Cabanas

One of the most unique water parks in Florida, the SeaWorld Aquatica Orlando offers entertainment and sights that you will not see anywhere else. Sure, you could go to one of the other Disney parks like Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon but you will not have the opportunity to ride through a speeding tube straight through a Commerson Dolphin tank, will you? I think not. Even if you have been to other parks before, it is always something special when you enter any of the Aquatic Worlds that SeaWorld is famous for creating. The great thing is, you can have access to all of these special sights even if you are not the type who dares to get on the water rides.

Fresh and Different

If you enjoy watching marine mammals while taking in some fun water relaxation yourself, this is a place to consider. Not long after you have entered the park, you can see that a large set of water slides are awaiting your arrival. Most people feel that they have to try the Dolphin Plunge at least once during their visit. If you are not interested in taking the plunge, Aquatica has a nice area below where you can watch people slide through the large Dolphin tank. As you look in, you will start to wonder what you are truly looking at. If you have never seen a Commerson’s Dolphin, you are in for a real treat. Most people think that they are small Killer Whales because of the colors they sport around in but on further inspection, it is easy to see that these stunning creatures are really dolphins.

Orlando SeaWorld Aquatica for the Family

So you are bringing the whole family on vacation and you want to make sure that everyone has something that they thoroughly enjoy. You will find no shortage of great water rides and excitement to fit each size member in your group. The entire family is going to love having the large refreshing Orlando Aquatica Loggerhead Lane the long Lazy River that takes you around a large section of the park. You might want something a little faster but still fun for just about everyone and if that is the case, make your way over to the Aquatica Orlando Roa’s Rapids where the stronger currents move you more swiftly along a winding circular path. Venture over to the huge Wave Pool and you will see that it is quite distinctive in its own right. Yes, there are actually 2 Wave Pools at Aquatica Orlando, one set to be a little rougher than the other but both a lot of fun. There are also Family Raft Water Slides that make it a joy to have fun with the entire group without having to split up during the ride.

Some things you need to know for your visit

There is not much for free when you come to Orlando and the Aquatica Orlando Parking Fee is no exception to this rule. Since you have to get a pass anyway, you should look into getting a preferred pass that allows you faster and easier access to the park because of the closer proximity to the entrance. Pets are not allowed in the park unless you have a service animal. A nice air-conditioned Kennel is available for you to keep your pet but you will have to leave the park to walk your canine friend from time to time. If you forgot to bring your towels, it is okay since the park has towels to provide but be aware that there is an additional fee for each towel and if you are pinching pennies, remember, every little bit adds up. Bring your own towels if you can and treat it like packing for a day at the beach. Some of the hotels offer transportation to the SeaWorld Parks but you will need to check with the front desk or concierge to see if the place you are staying offers this during your stay.

Are there Cabana Rentals?

Some of the best seats in the park are available through the Aquatica Orlando Cabana Rentals. Aquatica looks at the rentals a little differently than most locations. They know that a lot of people are not able to shell out hundreds of additional dollars just to have a nicer place to sit. This is why they offer many different options to meet the needs of just about anyone entering the park. Check out all of the rental options and you will see what I mean.