It is possible for you to catch a ride on one of Disney Worlds newest rides ahead of time, but the official 7 Dwarfs Mine Train Opening Date has been slated for Wednesday, May 28th of 2014. If you have taken the time to look out on Youtube to see the latest videos on this unique adventure, you have probably seen POV (Point on View) video showing what looks like, the public already riding this ride. Some have even commented that they have feel like they have missed out because they were recently at the Magic Kingdom where the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train resides but they did not have the opportunity to ride it. That is okay, there have only been a select few to have the change to get on this ride and Everyone will have a chance very soon.

Is this a BIG coaster?

The 7 Dwarf Mine Train is what you would expect for it to be, a ride that the younger kids will enjoy because of the smaller size but the adults will enjoy it because of the nostalgic qualities that are built in. As with most of the rides and attractions at the Magic Kingdom, this ride is set to be a family adventure.

Get ready for the fun

Any expansion at the Orlando Florida Disney Parks is a welcomed edition. Get ready for some fun with the whole family with this ride.