What makes Walt Disney World Halloween Party in Orlando Fl stand out from all of the other Spooky festivities around? Simple, it is geared for all ages, which makes this one of the best places to spend your Halloween celebration when visiting Florida in September and October. Disney has always known how to bring Ghosts and Goblins in to the World of regular people and they do it with style and without taking it too far. Just look at what they were able to do with the Haunted Mansion. That’s right, can you think of any better ride to get on during Walt Disney World Halloween than the Mansion? It has to be the perfect ride during Halloween. It is so spooky, some visitors make this iconic ride a traditional end to the nightly festivities. What a fun way to end your night of eerie thrills.

Decorations Everywhere

It is an awesome sight, to see the Magic Kingdom Park transformed for Walt Disney World Halloween. From the moment you step on to the Magic Kingdom Park, you immediately see the changes from the normal park design to a Fall backdrop with Halloween colors and shapes. Large pumpkins, all smiling of course are around to greet you as you enter and smaller nuances like banners draped over the Train Station building give an instant feel that the Magic Kingdom has changed. The kids will have a great time looking at the different scarecrows, pumpkin carvings and many other decorations. During the day these decorations stand out but, at night, with the addition of lighting, this tends to add an extra bit of fun and scaring to the mix.

Celebrate the Magic – Halloween Edition

This show starts off with creepy music and follows this up with Maleficent and the Dragon shown on Cinderella’s Castle, being used as a huge screen for this animation. As you continue to watch in pure wonder, you will also get to see many of your favorite Disney Villains in this mystical, animated wonder. If you have not seen this show before, you are really in for a gigantic treat, literally. Any time the Castle at the Magic Kingdom is used as a backdrop for projected images and animations, it is an extremely magical occurrence. You sit back and wonder how they get an animation to look so good on a building of this size. The Imagineer’s really did a great job with this display.

Best Rides at Halloween in Disney World

Of course, the Haunted Mansion is a no-brainer but what else is good to ride during Walt Disney World Halloween Party? If you are staying in the Magic Kingdom, probably the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train ride and maybe even space mountain. If you have a park hopper and can make it over to Hollywood Studios, the Tower of Terror would have to be at the top of the list of all Halloween Rides anywhere.

The fun of Halloween at Disney World in Orlando Fl

Although there are so many things to look at by just visiting Disney World at Halloween, let’s take a look at what else you get if you purchaseDisney World Halloween Tickets. Yes, there is an additional cost to having the best Halloween experience at Disney World but most guest feel it is well worth it, just look at everything that comes with it. The biggest fun of the season would have to be the Mickey Mouse not so Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom. Other than the decorations we have already mentioned, all of the other Halloween Events are part of Mickey’s Party. If you purchase a ticket, you will have access to all of the Special, Spooky events that go on after dark. Kids and adults alike look forward to seeing the Disney World Boo-to-You Parade where you will not only see your favorite Disney Characters but you will see all the Villains as well.

Later in the evening, you get to experience a night time extravaganza placed in the sky above while watching the Disney World Halloween Fireworks HalloWishes. Don’t forget to catch the Disney World Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular where the Sanderson Sisters release all of the Disney Villains on stage. You will also get to enjoy some great singing and dancing at this show.


Tell your kids that they will not miss out on the Trick-or-Treating aspect of Walt Disney World Halloween. Disney Cast Members are located at areas around the park with huge bins of candy and everyone who purchases a ticket gets a bag for their many treats. There will be no shortage of Candy at this party. For this reason, you might want to hold off on the Trick-or-Treating until later in the evening. This way, you are not lugging around a big bag of goodies all night long.

Check your map for precise locations

Halloween Costumes for All

Did you know, on a normal visit to Disney World, only kids 10 and under are allowed to enter the part in a costume? That is a true fact but one that does not hold true during the Walt Disney World Halloween celebration. This time of the season, all ages can dress up and enter and there is no telling who you will see walking around the park. It is an adventure in itself just to people watch during this time.

Something for the Family

Family fun during Walt Disney World Halloween is what it is all about. There is nowhere else you can take the kids and take in so much family friendly, not-so-fiendish fun but still enjoy the season. It doesn’t have to be scary to be fun and you will leave knowing that your small children will have had a great time. What could be a better trip than that?