Ghostly tunes playing in the background while images of Pumpkins and Ghosts move across the crevices of Cinderella’s Castle, is just the beginning to the Disney World Halloween Fireworks HalloWishes show. All of the festivities are fantastic during Mickey Mouse not so Scary Halloween Party but everyone seems to really enjoy the Disney World Halloween Fireworks HalloWishes display and considers it to be one of the main highlights of the evening. Disney puts on a Fireworks display every night but during the Halloween Season, they mix it up and give it a much more haunting style. Kids and adults alike, enjoy the Disney World Halloween Fireworks HalloWishes Show.

Fun, Creepy, Chilling Music

The lights are mesmerizing and the Fireworks are amazing but it is the Music playing in the background that makes this show have a more Spooktacular feel. Disney World Halloween Fireworks HalloWishes show starts with the voice of the Ghost Host from the Haunted Mansion inviting you to the occasion. As the fireworks begin, so does the music. The nightmare before Christmas tunes like “This is Halloween” is one of the favorites that starts out the show. Other musical favorites like the “Grim Grinning Ghosts and “The Skeleton Dance are mixed in as well. Kids always look at this display as a fascinating array of colors and lights and will take the memories of this show away with them for a long time.

Best Views

If you have purchased your Disney World Halloween Tickets and are already inside the Magic Kingdom, you have a few different options. It is hard to beat the views around the central hub just outside of Cinderella’s Castle but if you want a quick exit when they are done, head to the front of Main Street USA. This will allow you to have a great view of the Fireworks as they go off but you will also be near the front of the park allowing you to exit before the rest of the crowd.

View the Fireworks outside of the Magic Kingdom

Many people want to see the Fireworks from the Hallowishes Show in the Magic Kingdom but don’t want to pay the additional cost to enter the park. There are many different places to view the Fireworks display, in fact you can see them from any of the Disney World Deluxe Resorts just outside of the Magic Kingdom, but one of the best locations is on the beach at the Disney Polynesian Village Resort. Just hop on the Monorail from Magic Kingdom and ride it around to this Resort and get set to watch the show from across the lake. You might not be able to see all of the neat effects on the Castle and you might not hear the music but you will surely see all of the Disney World Halloween Fireworks HalloWishes as they light up the night sky.