SeaWorld Orlando Hours

Regular Hours
9 AM to 9 PM
Winter Hours
9 AM to 6 or 7 PM

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SeaWorld Orlando Information

  • 200 Acres
  • Live Animal Shows
  • Large Sky Tower
  • Thrill Rides
  • Bottle-nose Dolphins
  • Manatees
  • Journey to Atlantis
  • Killer Whales – Shamu
  • Kraken – Roller Coaster
  • Manta – Roller Coaster
  • Wild Arctic Indoor Zoo
  • VIP Tours

If you are truly looking for something unique and exciting to do on your next vacation, you might want to consider taking some time to visit a park like no other in the world, SeaWorld Orlando Fl. What is so amazing about the SeaWorld adventure is their exceptional ability to blend just the right amount of Aquatic Animal Shows and Exhibits in the midst of some of the best Thrill Rides in the World. If you are not sure if this is really something that the entire family will enjoy, I can tell you from experience, that it is one of the most remarkable places we have ever visited as a family and the memories are something that will stick with us for a lifetime. As you enter the park you will notice that the main theme is to place you in Key West with a flare of the southern tropics surrounding you as you make your way around the park. From start to finish, you will see rides, attractions, shows, and exhibits that take to sections of the globe that you could only dream about but the great thing is, SeaWorld has gathered this entire adventure for you to enjoy inside of the 200+ Acre dreamland. A great feature of the park that you might want to hit first is the Sky Tower. This 400-foot towering structure sits off to the right after you enter the park and at these heights, you will have a great opportunity to get a good look at the entire park to see the different things that you want to do. The kids will absolutely love the ride up but I will have to say that after they are at the top and have seen all of the fun stuff around them, they are going to be so excited to get off and get the exploration underway. There is so much to see and do at this park but what makes it really stand out are all of the animals. Even if you come back multiple times to the park, it is always different because this park lives and breaths by the animals that have made it so famous.

Attractions at SeaWorld in Orlando

The first ride you see when you enter the park is the new Manta Roller Coaster. This thrill ride is designed to get your heart pumping as you start up the main hill face down as look across the park in the position of a true Manta Ray. It is a fantastic and exhilarating experience so you will have to give this one a try if you are into these types of rides. The other main Thrill Ride in the park is the Kraken which features a bottomless roller coaster and was the first of its kind to make it to the Orlando Florida location. This ride is a lot of fun and has one of the biggest loops I think I have ever been on. In the Spring of 2013, SeaWorld opened the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin ride that has a ride vehicle similar to what you might be familiar with in the Spiderman ride at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Anyway, this ride takes you on a magical adventure of an animated Penguin and his family while ending at a large Penguin Encounter. It will be a great ride for the entire family to enjoy as you learn more about the mysteries of the Penguin World. Escape this world and enter a new realm as you head towards the Journey to Atlantis. While on this half roller coaster half water ride that takes you to a wonderful world of the city of Atlantis, you will experience beautiful sights while losing your stomach a few times with the drops and final splashdown as you escape.

If the little ones are in tow, you will want to head over to Shamu’s Happy Harbor where you will find many different rides that are suitable for the entire family but geared for the smaller kids. Get them started on the roller coaster frenzy by getting them on the Shamu Express. This tyke-sized roller coaster is fun for the entire family but it also allows you to get the little ones prepared for the bigger rides as they grow up. If they are not quite ready for that, there are other rides in the area like, a teacup style ride, a crab lift, and drop ride, and of course, a huge play area where they can run to their little hearts’ delight while you sit back and take a load off for a while.

List of Rides and Attractions at SeaWorld in Orlando

Best Shows at SeaWorld Orlando

Well, we all know that the biggest show at SeaWorld Orlando has to be the One Ocean featuring Shamu Show but did you know that there are many more to see that is actually as good or in my opinion, better than the main attraction? Of course, you have to take in the Shamu show while you are in SeaWorld, it is incredible to see these multiple Killer Whales jumping high out of the water and performing many different stunts and tricks. If you have never been to this show before, this is a place where you can really get wet, if you would like. There is an area known as the Splash Zone and if you sit in the area, you will surely get wet, you might even get soaked, so be prepared. One of our favorite shows would have to be the Sea Lion and Otter Show featuring Clyde & Seamore. This show is not only amazing to watch because of the animals but it is filled with fantastic tricks and comedy routines throughout the entire show.

Best Exhibits at SeaWorld Orlando

Take your quest to new heights when you visit all of the Exhibits at SeaWorld in Orlando Florida. This adds a layer of fun while learning about all of the surprising creatures that live in our underwater environment. It is a wondrous sight to see your kids light up and have so many questions about the world around them. You might not have all of the answers but that is what the SeaWorld staff is there for. You will find SeaWorld employees at different locations throughout the park talking about the conservation efforts of SeaWorld but they also will tell you everything you would ever want to know about the different species they have on the park grounds. Watch your kids light up as they walk through the Shark Encounter where you are walking through a large tube under this massive aquarium filled with many different types of sharks. Another area to visit is the aquarium with the Manatees. These very large and gentle creatures make you wish that you should just reach out and give them a hug. You can find them around the Turtle Trek exhibit where you will also see some amazing large turtles swimming around. Everyone loves the Dolphin tank exhibit where they can reach out and try to touch the dolphins as they swim by. There are so many things to do and see you need to start early to get them all in.

Animal Feedings at SeaWorld Orlando

There are a few different locations in the park where you can have a little more interactions with the animals than just purely looking at them. When you visit the Pacific Point Preserve, you will have the opportunity to purchase some fish to feed to the Seals. These Seals are a real treat and just a little bit annoying after some time goes by. You will watch and laugh while they all compete for your time and food. Some of them think they can win your affection by being the loudest in the park but I always try to find the smaller ones that are not heard and take care of them. It is something you have to try while you are there and you will also want to get some footage while your kids are mesmerized by these slick, shiny animals.