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  • The Grinch and Max at Universal Orlando Fl

The Grinch Breakfast Dates and Times 2014

Are you visiting the Universal Theme Parks during December this year? If you want to make it a memorable experience, you might want to consider setting up a meal with the Grinch. The entire Seuss Landing is converted to feel like the Whos are truly enjoying their Christmas time and how can you top that other than to have a sit down with the Grinch at Breakfast? That would be pretty hard to beat. If you want to read all of the information on this Holiday Event, take a look at the full write up on The Grinch Character Breakfast at Seuss Landing.

Trust me, this is something that the kids will never forget so, let’s take a look at The Grinch Breakfast Dates and Times 2014 so you can call to get reservations for this event.








Times: 8:00am, 8:30am, 9:00am, 9:30am, 10:00am & 10:30am

Reservations are RequiredJust because you have purchased your pass to the park does not gain you access to Breakfast with the Grinch. Call ahead and get your reservations made. You will have to have this to Dine with the Grinch.

$25.99 (10+)
$12.99 (9 and under)
* Menu Prices are subject to change without notice

  • Great view of the Mannheim Steamroller perfoming Christmas Favorites at Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Orlando Mannheim Steamroller Concert Dates 2014

The Universal Orlando Mannheim Steamroller Concert Dates 2014 have been released and you might want to schedule your trip pretty soon if you plan to fit them into your Christmas Travels.

If you are not familiar with the unbelievable performances of this Orchestra, visit the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Concert in Universal information page where we give additional information on what you can expect if you visit. You will also be able to watch a video of a previous show to see all of the fun and excitement this event can be. If you are going to be visiting the Universal Parks in Orlando anyway and you have purchased your tickets, remember that this concert does not cost anything additional. You are a welcome guest just by getting your ticket to allow you in the park.







7 Dwarfs Mine Train Opening Date

It is possible for you to catch a ride on one of Disney Worlds newest rides ahead of time, but the official 7 Dwarfs Mine Train Opening Date has been slated for Wednesday, May 28th of 2014. If you have taken the time to look out on Youtube to see the latest videos on this unique adventure, you have probably seen POV (Point on View) video showing what looks like, the public already riding this ride. Some have even commented that they have feel like they have missed out because they were recently at the Magic Kingdom where the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train resides but they did not have the opportunity to ride it. That is okay, there have only been a select few to have the change to get on this ride and Everyone will have a chance very soon.

How do I get to ride the 7 Dwarf Mine Train Early?This really just comes down to the luck of the draw until the actual opening date. Disney might have a “soft opening” which means they will open it for testing purposes but if you have never been on one of these rides during a testing phase, just about anything can happen. I have been on many rides before the opening day and each one I have been told that the ride might stop for adjustments to be made. This has happened more than once, so be prepared for an extended time on the ride if this happens. If everything is going smooth, you might just be one of the lucky few who get to have the experience before everyone else does.

The 7 Dwarf Mine Train is what […]

Harry Potter Celebration Universal Theme Parks Orlando January 2014

This amazing event is almost on top of us. It was not long ago that we were sitting back, almost stunned by the announcement but also knowing that Universal was going to pull out all of the stops when it comes to promoting the expansion of their Harry Potter section of Universal in Orlando. We have see big events before but the Harry Potter Celebration at Universal Orlando could easily be one of the biggest we have ever seen. Some have compared it to events such as Comic-con where you will see people walking around dressed up as their favorite Comic Book characters. Think of what it will be like to see everyone in Hogsmeade wearing authentic dress. It is going to be an event to top all events and if you are event remotely interested in going, you best start preparing now.

What Date is the Harry Potter Celebration in Orlando?
The date for the Celebration at Universal in Orlando is January 24 – 26, 2014. Anyone visiting the park will have access to the event but if you get a vacation package early, you will also have benefits like reserved seating at some of the Harry Potter events.

What can Harry Potter Fans Expect to see?

This is going to be a spectacular event. If you have already been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando you have no doubt already been to Ollivanders to pick out your favorite wand. You have also tasted the delights of Butter Beer but that was just the beginning. Here are some things you might be interested in seeing at this event:

Try on The Sorting Hatâ„¢
Take in a First Hand look at new Potter artwork
Q&A Session with Cast […]