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Wet n Wild Hours

Water Park Summer Hours
9:30 AM to 8 PM
Water Park Winter Hours
10 AM to 5 PM

* Park hours are subject to change without notice

Wet n Wild Orlando Tickets

Adult Single Day Admission
$55.00 Regular Price or $45.00 Advance Purchase
Child Single Day Admission
$50.00 Regular Price or $40.00 Advance Purchase

* Prices are subject to change without notice

Things you should know about Wet n Wild Orlando Water Park

  • 30 Acres
  • Lazy River
  • Wave Pool
  • 2 Bowl Slides
  • 5 Family Slides
  • 2 Speed Slides
  • Toddler Slides
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Water Skiing
  • Kiddie Play Area
  • Tween Play Area
  • Cabanas

Known as the first “real” Water Park in the world, Wet and Wild Orlando is still one of the best water fun places to go when visiting the Central Florida area. Just because it was the first to start up in 1977 doesn’t mean it is outdated, not by a long shot, they have continued to build the latest and greatest rides over the years so it still stands up to all of the competition around it and in some ways still does it better. Universal purchased this property in the summer of 2013 as well as additional land around it for future expansion. The way that Universal has been expanding the other Amusement Parks in Orlando, we are sure to see some great things continue to come out of Wet ‘n’ Wild as well.

Great for Family

When you drive by the Universal Theme Parks on Universal Boulevard you will pass right by Wet n Wild as you cross the intersection with International Drive. From the road, you might not think this park would be the greatest for your family but if you do, you would be missing out on water attractions that you will not find at the other parks. Having 5 large water rides that can accommodate up to 4 riders at a time, Wet and Wild Orlando Water Park has more family-oriented rides than any of the other parks in the area. Each one of these rides are unique and they are designed to give you a thrill like no other. Of course, you will also find a large Lazy River that gently flows and you can relax while floating on a tube through sections of the park. The Wave Pool is also a great place to relax while taking in the surf and the sand. If you are doing a family trip, there is really no better way to experience rides than to hang out together. This gives you the opportunity to have fun as a family and share the laughter for years to come.

Excitement for those who dare

For the thrill-seekers, Wet n Wild has you covered, with some of the best, most terrifying rides with drops that will leave you weak in the knees when you get to the bottom. These rides are not for everyone but if you are looking for something new and exciting a couple of major rides come to mind. The Bombay Wet n Wild Orlando is something pretty spectacular. As you stand above this 76-foot tall structure, you are placed inside of a tube with a clear door facing outward to your friends. As you stand and tremble, waiting for the floor to drop out from underneath you, your friends watch in excitement and pure fear knowing that they are getting ready to take this plunge themselves. After you have made it through this amazing drop, head on over to Wet n Wild Der Stuka where a 6 story drop awaits you. You might want to hold off on the food for a while, maybe layout on by the wave pool and stop shaking first. What a great adventure to have with your friends and family.

Things to know before visiting

You might want to purchase your tickets online before getting to the park. This not only gives you a better price ($10 off per ticket) but it saves you from standing in long lines to get tickets at the gate. You can just cruise on by everyone who has not taken this advice and get a seat early. Get to the park early to get the better places to sit. There are plenty of lounge chairs around the park but the earlier you get to the park, the better chance of getting to stay in a location that suits your needs. There are many additional fees associated with coming to Wet n Wild. There are fees for parking, Towels (so bring your own) and lockers. Life vests are available for all guests free of charge but anything else you want in the park costs a little more so be prepared.

Are there Cabana Rentals?

There are a number of Wet n Wild Cabana Rentals in the park and even though they cost a little extra, they can make your stay much more pleasant. This secluded area is is just a perfect place to get away from all of the action for a while with a number of amenities that make you feel very special during your stay. If you don’t want to have the full expense of a cabana, you can also rent a couple of prime lounge chairs in a private area as well. You don’t get all of the features as you would with the Cabana but it is a reserved seat in a very nice area of the park.

Water Sports in a Water Park?

There are a couple of other attractions in the area that offer water sports but Wet n Wild offers a full lake with many different fun adventures that you don’t normally find in a water park. Okay, so there is an additional fee to ride these rides but if you are the adventurous type, it is a great option to get in something fun and different for the day. The Wet n Wild Wake Zone offers a cable system that takes you on your board of choice on a great ride around the lake that adjoins the water park. If you want to have some slower fun on the lake, paddleboarding is also an option.