Christmas at Disney World

Did you know that each of the parks celebrate Christmas at Disney World in Orlando Florida in some way or another? Most people who visit think that the main Celebration is done at the Magic Kingdom and although there is a huge Party going on in that park, you should probably take note of some of the other amazing Christmas Performances and featured attractions going on at the other Disney Parks.

Take note of each of the Disney Theme Parks below to see all of the Christmas at Disney World fun they have to offer. There will be a Holiday Celebration like nowhere else on earth at Disney World.

Christmas at Magic Kingdom

Holiday Celebration Epcot

Hollywood Studios at Christmas

Holidays at Animal Kingdom

Don’t expect anything to be going on at Animal Kingdom for Christmas. Due to the nature of the park and it closing before it gets dark, it doesn’t really set itself up to be the best park for this type of Celebration. Still, you would think that Disney would come up with something for the family at this time of year but I wouldn’t hold my breath.