If you enjoy great music from the Holiday Season mixed in with a Contemporary Flare, grab you family and take them to the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Concert Universal Orlando Fl. Have you ever been to the Universal Studios Theme park during the time that they have a Concert event going on? As you enter the turnstiles, head straight past the Minions and you will see a huge open area with a full stage designed for performances right in front of the Rip Ride Rockit Roller Coaster. You have probably heard some of the Christmas Music that the Mannheim Steamroller Orchestra has created. It is very distinct in the way that most of the songs have been altered enough to make them a bit more current but not losing the genuine content of the music.

No Christmas Group is Larger

Maybe not by its physical size but the Mannheim Steamroller is by far the biggest artist selling Christmas songs and music than anyone else. The show starts when the Conductor is announced and makes an appearance on the main stage. Now you know you have something special when there is a conductor involved, right? The sound is clear and crisp and even when the concert is over, you really wish that it would go on a little bit longer. This is a phenomenal event put on at Universal Studios and should not be missed.

Right after the concert is over, you are in the perfect place to jump on the Rip Ride Rockit Roller Coaster as the entrance is located just to the left of the musical stage.

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