Are you looking for the biggest playground in the United States? If you are asking, Where is Orlando Florida? It is a pretty good bet that you are. It is hard to think that there is anyone who has not heard of this City full of Theme Parks but for those who have not, you will find Orlando Fl about 170 miles south of the border with Atlanta, if you are driving along Interstate 95. If, you are coming in on Interstate 75 from the North, you have about 195 miles to go after crossing the border. It will take about 3.25 hours to drive the 235 miles that span from Miami to Orlando. So as you can tell by the mileage alone, Orlando is located almost in the middle of the state of Florida.

A View from above – Map of Orlando Fl

As you look down on the State of Florida and see where Orlando is, you can tell from just a glance that it is a perfect place to setup the Worlds Biggest Playground. This area continues to expand and grow with new attractions from Disney World, Universal and even SeaWorld. You also have access to other great Attractions like the Kennedy Space Center which is about an hour east of Orlando near Cape Canaveral. To the West you can visit Tampa where you can join in an African Safari adventure at Busch Gardens.

The Heartbeat of Orlando

If we are talking about how to get around the Orlando area while you are on vacation, you will want to be mostly familiar with Interstate 4. Construction is always going on in this part of the U.S. because it is important to make sure that everyone can get around as easy as possible. Interstate 4, running North and South, is your lifeline since it connects all of the Disney, Universal and SeaWorld parks. Continue South to the end of I-4 and you will end up in the center of Tampa, Fl.

Air Travel

The main airport is the Orlando International Airport and is located in the South Eastern portion of the city limits. Disney and Universal Transportation is already set to pick you up and drop you off at this airport if that is the mode of transportation you use to get to Orlando.