Opening Date(s):
February, 1999
Vehicle Type:
Large Floating Raft
Slow with some drops
12 Riders per Raft
Ride Duration:
4 minutes (estimated)
FastPass +:
Height Requirement:
38 inches

How Wet will I get?

Do you want to get wet? Really Soaked? If so head over to the Kali River Rapids Animal Kingdom where you will certainly get drenched! The Animal Kingdom rapids ride promises to send you through the rapids of one of Disney’s best water rides of all time. It’s true that you’re going to learn a little something about the fragility of an ecosystem, but don’t let that fact fool you into thinking this ride is going to be boring.

On the surface, the Kali River Rapids Animal Kingdom seems like a fairly innocent water ride. However, you’re going to quickly learn that this is the kind of water ride that’s more than capable of taking you by complete surprise! You are sent on quite the journey where, by the end, you are definitely going to be laughing, soaking wet, and ready to get right back on this Animal Kingdom rapids ride.

Where is the Kali River Rapids Ride?

The Kali River Rapids Ride is in the Asia section of Animal Kingdom. If you are coming from Dinoland U.S.A, just cross the bridge where you will see the massive mountain of the Expedition Everest ride, continue along the path and at the next area, you will be able to enter the Animal Kingdom Kali River Rapids ride. Even the entrance to this ride is amazing with the attention to detail you really should take some time to look around before making your journey.

What will the experience be like?

Take a trip along the Chakranadi River, with everything you might expect from a wild trip down the real rapids of Africa. You begin by walking along a serene, gentle path, making your way into a beautiful temple, absorbing the sights of stunning animal monuments.

As you get closer, you will be directed on to a circular moving platform where you will get strapped in to the raft that’s going to send you careening along the waters. Things begin quite gentle at first. As you move slowly but progressively along a series of waterfalls and other scenic marvels. Don’t get too comfortable though. There’s going to be quite a drop waiting for you in just a few moments! This Kali River Rapids Animal Kingdom Ride features 2 dramatic splashdowns, as well as an opportunity for those who aren’t on the rafts to spray those who are. At the end of the ride, you will wish it was longer. It is truly an adventure to laugh about and discuss with the family through the rest of your visit.

The Message Behind the Kali Water Rapids Ride

Yes, there is actually a message being driven home while you take this watery adventure ride. Over the course of your journey, you’re going to find your beautiful surroundings suddenly turning to fire and massive destruction. This is the aspect of the ride that drives home the crucial message that illegal logging is laying to waste that which is most precious to us. That’s a strong message that will definitely stay with you.

Take a look at the Video of Kali River Rapids Ride in Disney’s Animal Kingdom