Opening Date(s):
April 2006
Vehicle Type:
Train Cars / 2 Riders Across
50+ mph
34 Riders per Train
Ride Duration:
3.5 minutes (estimated)
FastPass +:

The Largest Coaster in Animal Kingdom

With Disney Animal Kingdom Expedition Everest, you’re going to enjoy one of the most thrilling aspects to this amazing theme park. The Disney Animal Kingdom Mount Everest ride is a combination of everything that makes Animal Kingdom such a unique theme park experience, with the kind of rides that Disney has built their reputation on. Make sure you seriously consider adding Expedition Everest Disney Animal Kingdom to your itinerary. To put it simply, the more you learn about Disney Animal Kingdom Expedition Everest, the more you are going to want to ride this Roller Coaster beast.

Of course, in real life, you can’t really take an exciting train ride to the top of Mount Everest. You will find that the Disney Animal Kingdom Expedition Everest gives you a fun roller coaster train ride like nothing else you have ever experienced. It is hard to imagine the real thing could ever be much better, at least from the thrill side of things. This ride represents astonishing engineering, coupled with some of the most impressive technological advances ever applied to a Disney ride. The end result is something that’s going to thrill you make you want more.

Your Journey

As you begin the journey, you will walk through the line at Disney Animal Kingdom Expedition Everest, made of a beautiful stone structure, crafted in the spirit of Tibetan structures. As you continue forward, you will move past a small, soothing temple, and will probably notice a little general store. The history of all who have been before you is displayed in glass cases and mountings on the walls. All of these things are merely precursors to a much bigger journey. This is what Disney does best, building the anticipation of the ride as you walk through the line. I really don’t feel that anyone does it better.

Everest Expedition – The Ride

The ride itself truly begins when you get on board your train, and begin to make your way along the tracks that will take you through the sights and sounds of the Expedition Everest Disney Animal Kingdom ride. This is a ride that sends you flying forwards, then backwards, and truly puts you into the heart of the great unknown. Keep in mind that the ride is a very intense experience and because of this, it has been advised by the Disney Park that anyone with very small children consider taking some precautions against bringing them along. During the ride you are faced with the danger of the large Yeti who continually tries to derail your experience, first by scaring you and then by tearing up pieces of the track. This is one of the most exciting, electrifying rides ever created for a Disney theme park. You’re going to experience the park in one of its more fantastical forms. The natural wonders of the world are displayed wonderfully at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. What the Everest ride does is take you into the unnatural wonders of the world. The depths to which you will fall are only going to be equaled to the heights you’re going to reach.

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