Opening Date(s):
January, 2007
Dinoland U.S.A.
Show Type:
Show Finding Nemo (Pixar Movie)
Large Stadium Capacity
Ride Duration:
40 minutes (estimated)
FastPass +:

Nemo the Musical?

I know, you might be thinking, I don’t remember singing in the Disney Pixar film, Finding Nemo and you would be right. The movie was such a success that Disney knew there had to be an attraction so they came up with a spectacular, colorful event known as Finding Nemo the Musical Animal Kingdom at Disney World. The show itself is bright and bold with many musical scores that the kids will probably be singing throughout the day.

Fun for the Family

Whether you’re bringing the whole family, or you want to take in the show on your own, the Finding Nemo the Musical Animal Kingdom is pure Disney magic. All the undersea creatures who made up the marvelous Disney/Pixar story can be found here. Added to the show are songs and elaborate dance numbers that are guaranteed to delight fans and visitors of all ages. The Lion King show is pretty darn popular, but Finding Nemo The Musical Animal Kingdom is rapidly becoming the most beloved stage show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Where is the Finding Nemo Musical Show?

The Musical of Finding Nemo is located in the Dinoland U.S.A. section of the Animal Kingdom Theme Park. After you enter the park, just head for the Tree of Life and take a right. This will take you over to Dinoland. Normally the show doesn’t start until late morning, maybe around 11:00 AM, so it is a good time to take in some of the fun rides at Dinoland with the kids before getting in line for the Show.

What is the show like?

There’s no question that the Finding Nemo Musical Animal Kingdom is one of the brightest, most exciting, and most original musical shows ever developed for the Animal Kingdom. The show combines the classic Finding Nemo story with these original songs to create something beautiful and unique. In other words, everything you love about the movie remains intact. The humor is still there as well as the characters. The visuals are absolutely stunning. While most everything you love is the same, the Nemo show at Animal Kingdom has made a few worthwhile additions. The music and the visual effects created for the show are going to really bring Finding Nemo The Musical Animal Kingdom come to life. One of the most popular aspects of these shows are definitely the puppets. For the adults, these might take a little time to warm up to but the kids seem to love them from the very start. As they swim along the constructed ocean scene, the songs kick in, and the show really pulls you into its magical, breathtaking world. This is definitely something that needs to be a big part of your Animal Kingdom experience. Find out for yourself just what so many people are talking about.

Although Finding Nemo is not a traditional animated musical from Disney, you’re going to absolutely love the original compositions that were created exclusively for this show. The songs do a wonderful job of celebrating the film’s message, the world of the film, and everything else associated with Finding Nemo.

Take a look at the Video of the The Musical of Finding Nemo in Disney’s Animal Kingdom