Type of attraction:
Scavenger Hunt
Opening Date(s):
June 1, 2013
Discovery Island
by Foot
Badge Collection:
3 – 5 Hours of Hunting Time over the span of multiple days

Time for a Scavenger Hunt

The Wilderness Explorers Animal Kingdom is a special feature at Disney World in Orlando Fl that your kids are truly going to love. Animal Kingdom Wilderness Explorers offers a level of interaction with the park that’s guaranteed to entertain your kids as easily as it informs them. At the same time, Wilderness Explorers at Animal Kingdom gives your kids the ability to appreciate nature in a variety of important ways.

Learning about Wilderness Explorers at Animal Kingdom is definitely a good idea, if you’re planning to bring the whole family along for the experience. Animal Kingdom Wilderness Explorers will allow your children to build memories that are going to stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Fun Interactive Experience

Animal Kingdom Wilderness Explorers is a wonderful way to emphasize the values that are instilled in those who are visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. The park itself is designed to celebrate all aspects of the natural surroundings of world around them. There are a variety of interactive ways in which visitors are allowed to do this, while at the same time driving home the fragility of our relationship with nature. Wilderness Explorers Animal Kingdom does a wonderful job of showing your children all of these things. However, they are never going to really notice. They’re going to be far too busy having fun, interacting with animals, and earning badges for their accomplishments.

The way in which Wilderness Explorers at Animal Kingdom works is simple. If your kids love the Disney-Pixar film Up, then they are definitely going to be happy to see Russell and his dog Dug. These characters from “Up” will be your children’s guides to the jungles, forests, and woods that will serve as the time and place of the various challenges your children are going to take on.

How Animal Kingdom Wilderness Explorers works

Wilderness Explorers Animal Kingdom offers your children a variety of fact-based missions to complete. These missions will test what they know about nature in a number of different areas. The missions themselves can provide your children with a wonderfully well-rounded perspective on not only the types of animals that make up the park, but also on survival in the wild, how to interact with nature properly, and so much more.

Your children will have the chance to earn up to thirty badges through Animal Kingdom Wilderness Explorers. Diagnosing health problems with a sea turtle can score your child a veterinary badge. Digging up fossilized dinosaur remains can pick up a dinosaur badge. Finding animals can lead to an animal find badge. These are just some of the badges your child can earn by meeting the various challenges of Wilderness Explorers at Animal Kingdom.

How to get Started at Wilderness Explorers

All you have to do to get involved with Animal Kingdom Wilderness Explorers is contact a field guide at the park’s headquarters. They’ll give you all the information you need for your kids to get started on collecting as many badges as they possibly can.