Opening Date(s):
April, 1998
Dinoland U.S.A.
Vehicle Type:
Rover Time Machine
Slow but moments of acceleration
12 Riders per Vehicle
FastPass +:
Ride Duration:
3 Min 30 Sec (estimated)

The Dinosaur Adventure Begins

If you talk to anyone at about what rides you should go on, the list will surely include the Dinosaur Ride at Animal Kingdom. Long before you can even make it to the lines, you will be taken back to the land when Dinosaurs roamed the earth with a full scale skeleton of the feared T-Rex. This is a great location to stop for a moment and get a picture of the kids standing around looking at this mammoth beast. Watch in amazement and be prepared to answer the question of “Did animals like this really live on the Earth long ago?” As you continue up the path to the entrance you will be greeted by yet another Dinosaur placed front and center.

As you approach the main building for the Dinosaur Ride at Animal Kingdom in Disney World, the line starts through an entrance on the right. FastPass Plus users can take advantage of their pass here as well for faster access to the ride. The line itself is fun to walk through. As with other Disney Rides, so much is added to the line that it is worth a longer wait, at least once through to see everything added for you to look at. Just look at all of the skeletons and fossils along your walk through the Disney World Dinosaur Ride at Animal Kingdom. You might even find a surprise or two that will catch you off guard.

What can I expect from the ride?

Your Dinosaur Ride at Animal Kingdom adventure will begin by getting into a time machine. Of course, it’s not a real time machine, but the Time Rover offered for the Animal Kingdom Dinosaur Ride does a good job of giving you the means to travel back in time and have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the most breathtakingly realistic dinosaurs ever created.

The Dinosaur Ride in Animal Kingdom is easily going to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of your Park adventure. You will get started by visiting the Dino Institute. This will give you the chance to soak up some actual information about dinosaurs, take a look at some real fossils, and get ready to board the Time Rover. Watch an instructional video on what you are about to experience first. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that you’re definitely in for a few huge surprises! This Ride definitely scores some big points for being memorable. You’re certainly not going to be bored once the journey really gets going!

You will meet all of the fearsome dinosaurs you know about on the Dinosaur Ride at Animal Kingdom, but you will likely meet a few you have never heard of as well. This is a ride that takes you into the heart of what the world of the dinosaurs would have really been like. You’re going to love every single aspect to this ride. It’s probable that you’re going to forget here and there that there is even a ride going on in the first place. That’s how elaborate it is!

Take a look at the Video of Dinosaur Ride in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Map of the Dinosaur Ride

Located in Dinoland U.S.A. right across from the Primeval Whirl