Animal Kingdom Tree of Life – A Focal Point

Disney’s Animal Kingdom park has so much to show you. It’s pretty close to impossible to pack in everything you could ever want to do into a single day. However, if you are someone who only has a day to give to this magnificent Walt Disney park, then the Tree of Life absolutely must be at the top of your to-do list. People consider the Animal Kingdom Tree of Life to be the true heart and soul of the park. When you visit for yourself, you’ll have the opportunity to discover that fact for yourself.

The Animal Kingdom Tree of Life is a remarkably breathtaking sight. The park itself is designed to introduce you and everyone else to the dazzling wonders of the natural world. It is designed to educate as well as delight. You’re going to find that the this park is meant to show us just how extraordinary and fragile the concept of nature really is.

This sculpted Animal Kingdom Tree of Life is one of the most popular photo opportunities at the park. It stands one hundred and forty-five feet tall. It is over fifty feet wide at the base. That’s impressive enough on its own, but the real magic begins when you get a little closer to the tree. That’s when you’ll discover that the Tree of Life Animal Kingdom features dozens upon dozens of beautiful carvings. These designs can be found all along the monstrously huge trunk of the tree. You’ll also find these etchings along the roots and branches of the tree, as well. The designs are meant to show you just how much diversity can be found in nature (as though the park itself doesn’t do a good enough job of that!). On this front, it also succeeds beautifully.

Carvings on the Tree of Life

Lions, deer, eagles, monkeys, bears, lemurs, and dolphins are just some of the animals you’re going to find on this tree. The designs themselves are beautiful, even when examined on an individual basis. It’s when you take in all the designs of the tree as a whole that you’re going to be truly amazed.

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Where is the Tree of Life Animal Kingdom

It truly is the focal point of the Park. It is impossible to go anywhere in the park without seeing it because the main walkway forces you to the trees base before you can go anywhere else in the park. Once you are in front of this magnificent structure, you are almost dumbfounded by its enormous size and complexity.|